French Fing: natural yet chic accessories for royal babies!

Their majesties’ official supplier

Organic buckwheat pillows, tote bags, bibs, wool and cashmere blankets, body vests, cloths…

About French King and its founders...

French King is a brand founded by Emma and Yohan, whose crossed paths the worlds of cinema, graphic arts, natural eating and communication, generating a real meeting of minds, style and know-how..

Emma is one for chic, while Yohan likes things simple! Their common goal is to create a range of accessories just like themselves for babies, children and even moms.

Simply natural accessories

Their quality requirement: they use only high quality materials and natural, sometimes organic, fibres such as cotton, cachemire, wool or leather. French King goods are designed in the interest of babies’ wellbeing. That is no opportunistic objective but reflects the founders’ own values and lifestyle choices.

French King is chic and made in France.

Their aim: to offer an alternative to austere environmentally-friendly goods, improve their design and add a more refined and elegant touch. To create mostly in France. To rediscover and revisit the true classics by adding their own creativity to the know-how of traditional French craftwork.

Common sense and good ideas

Their strength: creating useful accessories or strong innovative concepts. Designing lovely packaging so that each good comes not in a mere box but its own case. Original and creative gift ideas.

Timeless classics

What they want: to create simple, stylish products that do not follow passing trends, that way, over time all children can truly make their French King accessories their own so that they feel good and stand proud!