Organic buckwheat pillow

Sleep fit for a king !                                                                                                                                               Organic buckwheat pillow... Ideal for propping baby up for a bottle, to sleep on or for use when travelling (plane, train, car...).

This French-made pillow is stuffed with organic buckwheat grown in BRITTANY. 

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The pillowslip is made of cotton. Buckwheat husks are 100% natural plant materials, which keep cool in summer while retaining heat in winter, and do not cause sweating.

The pillow is firm and adapts to baby’s body as he or she moves, providing support for the neck, head and shoulders and ensuring that the child sleeps in a comfortable, natural position.


• The pillow is sold in an organic cotton cover, which is ideal for storage or transport. 

• In the same range, we also offer an organic cotton pillowslip to fit the pillow.


In the 1970s, René Lévy, who played an important part in the macrobiotic movement returned from Japan with the buckwheat pillow concept. Forty years later, his son Yohan has designed an original and ergonomically shaped pillow, suitable for both young and old.

  • Longueur : 17 cm
  • Largeur : 29 cm
  • Poids : 0,614 KG